Presents New Parents Will Love

Baby’s first Christmas is an exciting time for new parents! Depending on the age of the baby, it’s the first time they’ll see a lot of things. New relatives, new smells, lots of twinkling lights to keep baby busy. And everyone wants that perfect first Christmas to be memorable, if only for the parents.

In the shuffle of the season, first-time parents are often forgotten, but it’s the first Christmas for them too. If you’ve got fresh parents on your list, finding them the perfect gift to help with the baby or give them a chance to relax and spend some time together is deeply appreciated. Check this list for the perfect gift ideas for new Moms and Dads, who deserve something special!


Do you know what every parent needs? Time off! For a cute DIY option, you can create custom coupon boxes for whatever baby-care tasks Mum and Dad are struggling with most. Try to include a few. Some ideas might include “1 free nappy change.” Or “1 hour out of the house.” You can even offer a “date night” voucher for the happy and exhausted couple to get some time together. It’s a much-appreciated gift that costs almost nothing. It’s a great gift that keeps on giving, (and will give you plenty of baby fun times in return!)


Another great option for new parents is a couple’s experience. New Mums and Dads don’t spend enough time alone together, offering something romantic, exciting, and decidedly grown-ups only will always be appreciated. You can choose whatever you think suits your favourite couple. But one of my favourites is the Cooking Companion cooking masterclass for couples with Truly Experiences. It’s an interactive cooking class to help the weary (and sometimes starving) parents reconnect over delicious food and a lot of fun! It also gives them a chance at a home cooked meal, something that might have fallen by the wayside after the baby was born!


There are plenty of products on the market to help baby sleep, but here’s one that really works! It’s made from all natural essential oils of lavender and chamomile, and it comes in a handy spray form. You can spray it on baby’s pillows and blankets, to help soothe her for a full night’s sleep. Keeping mum’s and dad’s well rested and happy!


This is a great gift for a lot of firsts. Buying a keepsake box for baby’s first Christmas gives parents a great place to keep personalised keepsakes, first Christmas cards… anything Mum and Dad want to keep to remember the baby’s most special occasions!

It sounds a bit cheesy, but when you look back on your first Christmas as a family, you’ll be glad you have something to commemorate it. You can have it engraved with the dates, and members of your family, or you can go a more traditional route, and use a family photograph. It’s a beautiful gift that parents will love.


Yes, I said pamper, not pampers! Pamper gift baskets are a great opportunity to show a new mum you appreciate her, and the sacrifices she’s making. Fill it with her favourite relaxing goodies, face masks, beauty products and some cosy PJ’s and slippers to keep warm on those sleepless winter nights when baby won’t settle down. Or build a personalised spa day with relaxing bath salts, bubble bath, and maybe even some fancy imported chocolates to make everything extra luxurious


Did you know about stroller gloves? This is a great Christmas gift for new parents just starting to brave the cold. These gloves are specially designed to keep your hands warm as you push your little one through the neighbourhood, while still leaving you flexible enough to use your bare hands when you have to take care of something for the little one. We love this as a gift option because every new parent knows the sudden need to get out of the house, especially when you’ve been cooped up with a little one. And the winter months don’t exactly make it easy. So make it a little easier on your favourite new parents with a pair of specialised stroller gloves!


This is a surprising gift for new parents that is easy to find, but very appreciated. Making homemade baby food is a lot more cost effective and healthy than store-bought baby foods. A good blender is a great gift for parents who are going to start putting their baby on solid foods. You can even add a book of baby food recipes. It’s a great gift to help make weaning a lot easier!

Christmas with a new baby is full of firsts, and fun, and a lot of love. But new parents sometimes lose themselves in the shuffle. Make sure you remember them with these seven great personalised baby gifts to help Mum and Dad keep baby happy and healthy and keep themselves feeling refreshed and looked after!

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