Everything You Need to Know About Customised Baby Gift Blankets 

When you think of babies, what comes to mind? 

Sunshine? Warm hugs? Cute and chubby cheeks? Fluffy little clothes that make you want to squish it in your hands? 

Whether you have a little one on the way or a friend who’s about to pop out, we can all agree. Babies are the cutest things ever! 

And when you first hear about a baby on the way, it’s sure to make you excited for his or her arrival. Once the due date nears, both the parents and their loved ones are scrambling to get ready.

Most of the time, friends and relatives pour out all their love for expecting parents on the baby shower. In fact, you’ll probably see several sets of the exact same model for a bunch of the gifts – clothes, toys, baby bottles, and even keepsake albums! 

So how do you make sure you get something special and heartfelt for the new member of the family? Well, you’re in luck.

From Crazy Messy Beautiful

There’s no baby gift more lovely and personal than a personalised baby gifts blankets

You can choose different colours, fabrics, and even different characters and designs to personalize the baby blanket. You can even choose from various fonts to suit the baby’s name and have it embroidered on the cloth!

Made with the highest-quality, cottony soft and incredibly snuggly fabric, our baby blankets will keep the little one safe and warm all through the night! 

Fabrics for Your Baby Gift Blanket 

These are the types of fabrics you choose from for your personalised baby gift blanket! 

While cotton might be everyone’s go-to when it comes to clothing and bedspreads, it may not always be the best choice. 

Fleece, for example, has become popular after proving effective against cold winter nights. Plus, it’s so lightweight, you won’t even feel the extra layer!

Whichever design or fabric you choose, we make sure each baby gift blanket is the best for your little one. We’ll keep the little one safe and snug without getting too warm through the night! 

Baby Blankets for Every Time and Place  

If you don’t know much about babies and baby gifts, you might want to stick with bigger sizes. This way, the parents can use it whenever and wherever they need to. 

This supersized swaddling muslin baby blanket is a baby blanket for every time and place! 

Soothing the baby to sleep? A nursing cover to feed in public? A soft cloth on the shoulder to keep them comfortable while burping them? Travel blanket for the car, the pram or even in the crib? This blanket can do it all! 

Thinking of getting the new baby a whole set of baby blankets for every place and time? We’ve got your back! 

You can get different designs for the baby’s pram and crib. You can even choose different types of blankets for each use! From bunnies and stars to boats and spaceships, you can make your gift that much more special.

Whether it’s a quilt, shawl, snuggly sack or a swaddling blanket, you got it. You’ll be able to get the perfect blanket for the baby’s needs and give it that extra personal touch. 

Plus, we’re sure the new mom will appreciate you getting her different blankets for her little one to doze off on and burp out on. After all, no one like to sleep on the same bedspreads as the one that just got soaked with the remains of their lunch, right? 

Whatever you choose, we’re sure the expecting parents will thank you for thinking about them and their little one.  

Check out our line of personalized baby blankets and take your pick for the new baby!