[Updated for 2020] What is truly yours but came from somewhere else? What is very personal but shared with everyone?

Your name.

 A Complete Guide To Choosing Baby Names

Having a baby is a wonderful adventure with lots to prepare for and nine arduous months of trying to pick the perfect baby name.

Do you and your better half struggle to decide on something together? Have you fallen in love with a moniker that brings back terrible memories for them?

Is the new baby name going to avoid the possibility of jests in the playground?


  • Do you opt for something traditional?
  • Do you take influence from the celebrity world and go for something completely out-of-the-norm?

For example, Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson chose Birdie Mae for their daughter’s name and Rachel Platten & Kevin Lazan chose Violet Skye.

George Lucas and Mellody Hobson opted for the something epic when they chose ‘Everest‘ for their baby girl, whereas Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin went in a different direction with the crisp sounding ‘Apple.’

With the popularity of unique names on the rise, now, more than ever do you have complete flexibility in choosing the perfect name for your new baby.

There isn’t much you can’t use for inspiration for your little one’s identity.

Whether your influence comes from your favourite band (Zeppelin, Floyd, Pepper), singer (Marley, Otis, Iswell, Lennon), song (Maxwell, Piper, Jude), or celebrity (Hilton, Willow, Maddox); the possibilities are endless.

You could even opt for a name based on its meaning.

Unique does not have to be something far-fetched or outrageously eyebrow raising and ridiculous. Choosing a non-traditional name for your child just means picking something individual for whatever your reasons are.

There are lots of strikingly stunning names that haven’t made their way to the mass market. That is what makes them so special. The process is not as scary as it sounds.

While there are countless names to choose from, as we can derive from our opening riddle, a name is something incredibly unique and personal to you and your child.

Naming Your Baby – A helping hand

Whatever you choose will be perfect and personal. Nevertheless, wanted to give you a helping hand to make your job of choosing the perfect baby boy or baby girl name that little bit easier.

We compiled a list of beautiful, unique names that we know you would love, along with their definitions.

AddlerTo hold the qualities of an eagle: The confident solo high-flying majestic bird which never surrenders to the size of its prey.
AdonisIn Greek mythology, Adonis is an impressive young man loved by Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love, and procreation.
AlbieA brilliant and bright being who holds my heart.
AmanIs to have a peaceful and trusting nature. Someone who lives life fearlessly.
AmelynA character who is profoundly independent and intellectual.
ApolloWith strong science and Greek mythology roots, Apollo is an excellent choice for your son.
AvarnaA meek individual with a fun loving nature.
BaleaOne who is free-spirited, carefree, and happy.
BernadetteTo be as ‘brave as a bear.’
BijouTranslated as ‘jewel’, Bijou is a charming name for your little one.
BodhiA spiritual choice, Bodhi means ‘awakening or enlightenment.’
BraelinA person who is intelligent, bright, and wise
CadenceDerived from a musical expression, Cadence describes a rhythmic flow.
CahyaOne who brings light into the darkness.
CairoAn individual who is both strong and victorious.
CaledonA strong and robust person.
CastelOne of nobility who resides in a castle.
CavallThe name of King Arthur’s companion. ‘Cavell’ is to be bold.
CelesteA soft feminine name with sweet heavenly suggestions.
DaanaA knowledgeable individual.
DabneyOne who fairly imparts justice.
DarciaRepresenting grace and charm, Darcia is the feminine version of Darcy.
DiorOne who has an open heart.
DominoA person who is master of all.
DulceA popular modern Spanish and Portuguese that translates as ‘sweet’.
EbeleTo be merciful and kind.
EeliOne who lifts those around them to a higher level of wellbeing.
EkamA spiritual leader, one who represents oneness.
EltonThe name of God’s fighter.
EmbryA well-loved individual who is champion at winning people’s hearts.
EsmaeIs the French name for one who is well respected.
EstherSpanning back from the Old Testament; what was once a highly popular name, Esther – star, by definition – is rarely used.
FableThe name of a story with hidden meaning, usually highlighting the difference between right and wrong.
FalakIs the path of multiple galaxies.
FargoGiven to the name of a person that comes from a fenced pasture.
FarronOne who lives to serve.
FirdousThe given name for the realm of paradise.
FirenzeThe Italian name for its fine city, Florence; a Firenze is a beautiful blossoming flower.
FletcherKnown as the maker of arrows.
GabriellaA powerful and elegant girls name which translates into  ‘woman of God’
GalaxyThe magnificent structure of the stars.
GatsbyMade popular by Leonardo DiCaprio, Gatsby is to give off an air of extravagance.
GiaDerived from Giovanna or Gianna, Gia is a cute and lesser-known name. All by definition is one who is ‘gracious.’
GrayAn intelligent individual.
GunnerMore so favoured by military folk, Gunner is a strong name for any young boy.
HelenA charming name whos beauty has made it one of the top names in history. In its simplest terms translates as ‘the bright one.’
HermieReaching dizzy new heights, ‘Hermie’ is the peak of a mountain.
HikaruA luminous character who brightens any room.
HyatTo truly live.
IndigoThis dark blue colour makes for a gorgeous girls name.
IngridAn elegant blend of beauty and charisma.
JaedynA humble individual that embraces gratitude.
JaylaOne who is happy with themselves and all those around them.
JaysonA character who is a healer.
JazzA soothing, relaxing form of music which makes a wonderful unisex name.
JettThis precious dark jewel makes for a fantastic moniker.
JinaA natural born investigator with strong leadership skills, propelled by a sense of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.
JinanOne who is versatile, who doesn’t have trouble adapting and overcoming life’s hurdles. Living a life of no limits.
JinnyKnown as the white wave, an individual who is dynamic with a strong and persuasive nature that loves to help others.
JuniperOne who is both fresh and energetic; who lives to be one with nature.
KabiliHe who is brave and honest.
KadalAn individual who is one with the Ocean.
KahaliA mischievous character with a harmless nature.
KaholoTo be nimble and quick-footed.
KairiAn ocean village.
KayaniA Regal name fit for either a boy or a girl. Kayani is to be king or queen-like.
KeaganThe descendant of the fiery one; a passionate individual who is a force to be reckoned with.
KeanuKnown as the cool and gentle breeze.
KintaA life lived with laughter.
LahariThe name of the gentle wave, lapping against the shore.
LaylaBy definition is one ‘born at night.’
LeightonA moniker suitable for either sex meaning ‘one from the meadow.’
LeikoAn underrated, lovely petite flower
LennonAn individual who is very dear.
LightningA bright, brilliant bolt.
LuciaTranslated, this Latin name means ‘light’.
MadeleineDerives from the French name, translated into ‘from the tower.’
MalakiStrong biblical connections and is known as ‘my messenger’.
MassieA name inspired by the Scottish clan name ‘Matheson.’
MayaPerfect for travel-loving families. Translates as the ‘Daughter of Atlas’
MelOne who is fearless and daring.
MentariA powerful being who harnesses the power of the sun, unleashing a powerful light wherever they go.
MerthyrOne who would sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
NaidaIf your child is born in the months that make her a water sign, it is fitting to name her after the aquatic goddess.
NeoOne with many talents.
NiharaA flowing body of descending water.
NikitaOne who is supreme and strong. A resilient woman who will overcome anything.
NoahThe epitome of relaxation and inner zen. One who is always calm.
NoorIs our most powerful star; the sun.
NuaimA gentle and forgiving individual
OakleyA trendy cool name suitable for either little girl or boy.
OgilvyOne who shows forgiveness and compassion to wrongdoers.
OpheliaMade famous by Shakespeare’s tragedy, Ophelia is one who loves to help others.
OtisThis sweet sounding German name is translated into ‘wealthy.’
PretoriaThe South African city makes a chic name for a little girl.
PyralisOne made of fire.
QuentinAn unusual name made famous by the film director, this subtle numerical name – meaning the number five – is an excellent choice for your son.
ReileyA brave and courageous being.
RidgeInspired by nature, this name is a great moniker for either sex.
SachaA fierce defender who lives to help others.
SafariAn adventurous character with the heart of an explorer.
SageInspired by the fragrant herb, meaning ‘wise and knowing’.
SanyuA light-hearted Japanese name for one who is eternally happy.
SofiaAn elegant name for a wise female.
SolaceOne who brings comfort and peace to others.
SolarisSomeone who is of the Sun
TaittA cheerful bein who lives to bring happiness to others.
TamikaA stunning Japanese name translated as a ‘child of the people’
TatianaA favourite of the Russians, a name which one derived from ‘Titus’, the ancient Sabine king.
TeaghanThe little poet.
TerraIn mythology ‘Terra’ is the goddess of Earth.
TerrellThe ruler of thunder.
TerrenceAn ancient Roman clan.
TeshiOne who is full of laughter
TokoriSomeone who holds the quality of owls; living a serene and observant life.
TrumanOne who is faithful and loyal.
TulayThis mystical name means the ‘veil of the moon.’
WanniyaRepresents a strong-willed and high-spirited woman.
WinterWith the rise of summer related names, its icier cousin is a cool name for a seasonal birth.
ZaneIs the English translation of the Hebrew name ‘Yahweh.’ Translated it is one who is merciful.
ZaydaA prosperous huntress who holds fantastic luck.
ZionOne who is raised up and uplifts others.
ZivaThe Hebrew moniker indicates one who is brilliant.

Choosing the perfect name for your little baby boy or baby girl does not have to be daunting. Some parents find it impossible to decide until they meet their little bundle of joy for the first time.

Then the baby’s name tends to come more naturally. Whether you prefer the traditional route or if you’d rather a moniker with that is that little bit extra special, the journey of having your first child is an incredible journey.

We hope our hand-selected list of baby names helps you to make it a smoother ride in 2019.

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