10 Indoor Playthings for Young Kids

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One of the biggest challenges for parents everywhere is dealing with cabin fever. Unless you have a back-up plan for when you need to confine your young kids in the house, you might find yourself dealing with stir-crazy kids and the experience is not a pleasant one. At such a time, indoor playthings will be your help in time of need; they will keep the wee ones busy and out of your way.

These can be toys and other play set-ups. Selection should, however, depend on safety factors, suitability, and the age of your kid. To help you in this, we have compiled a list of 10 indoor playthings for young kids that you might want to try. Whether you are looking for energy-burning, interactive, relaxing, or brain-teasing varieties, these playthings can keep your kids occupied all the way to sleep.

#1 Kids Teepee Play Tents

Young kids crave ownership; this is the reason behind designating everything as ‘mine’ or ‘my’. You can use this need to your advantage by giving them true personal space- in the form of an indoor tent. Here they can retreat and play with their toys, hold tea parties, and even doze off when they are worn out.

For this, what you need is a kid teepee play tent. The triangular-shaped tent comes with a square base and wooden poles. Depending on the available space or how much of it you are willing to give, you can choose from varieties of sizes and colours. You can make the tents even cosier by getting matching accessories such as mats, pillows, buntings, and stuffed animals.

Price: From £100.00

#2 Indoor Ball Pool Pits

indoor ball pit

Ball pits are favourite playthings in most indoor playgrounds. The joy and relief these rubber balls add to your kid’s life can now be brought right into your home. There are different styles and shapes to go with; from multi-coloured balls to cartoon-printed ones. They are made of plastic, making them light and easy to clean.

Depending on the size of the play area, you can go for 50, 100 or more pieces. There are different sizes to choose from, with 2-inch diameter balls being suitable for toddlers. Make the pit interesting by throwing in some big soft blocks. Young kids can also use the balls to play catch or indoor hockey-using fly swatters as hockey sticks. Simply put, there is no end to the creativity that these balls can inspire.

Price: Around £70.00 for a 200-ball pit

#3 Wooden Railroad Set

Train sets have always captured the minds of kids of all ages. While school goers are more inclined to playing video games, preschoolers will do with setting up trains. The great thing about these toys is that instead of merely distracting kids, they engage their minds and inspire creativity.

Unlike electric tracks, wooden toy sets are safe for toddlers and babies alike. Wooden toys are more sturdily built hence they withstand round handling better than plastic ones. With many moving pieces, the sets become handy in numeric identification, hand-to-eye coordination and logical thinking. Additionally, the material is not created using chemicals; it's cheap and hypoallergenic.

Price: From £87.00      

#4 Ride on Toys

Kids enjoy toys that can be manipulated to move and like them even better if they can ride on them. Nothing fulfils this need than a rocking animal toy. The design is minimalistic and will do for indoor play. With such a plaything, they can ride hours on end as well as have fun dressing and decorating the animal.

A wooden rocking horse comes highly recommended due to its sturdy and light build. For toddlers, such rocker should come with a safety harness and a well-cushioned seat. This ensures safety and comfort. The design should also incorporate stoppers on the base rails to avoid toppling over. A popular design is the unicorn rocker a favourite for girls.  

Price: From £82.00

#5 Musical Instrument Sets

Young children are usually vocal and anything that can produce sound is always welcome to their play area. You can tap into this by providing them with toy musical instruments- and who knows, you could be nurturing an up and coming musician. Playing instruments also help to develop motor skills and emotional understanding.

If you don’t mind the racket that these toys bring to your home, then it’s time to start a family band. To ensure all-around creativity, buy sets with as many pieces as possible. The toys should also be of a compact design to prevent small pieces from coming off. The finish should also be smooth and made from non-toxic materials such as wood.


Price: From £12.00

#6 Mini Bouncing Castles

A bouncing platform inside the house is just what young kids need. It keeps them from jumping on the sofa and bed. By putting a spring into your kids’ steps, they will be jumping and rolling over for the better part of their awake time. Apart from burning energy, inflatable bouncers help in nurturing confidence and athletic abilities.

Choose a bounce house with high walls to ensure safety for the young ones. It should also be made from puncture-resistant material. For quality playdates, the bouncer should accommodate at least 2 kids. For more fun, you can acquire a bouncer with a slide. A built-in inflatable blower with the reverse setting will also come handy for a compact indoor design.

Price: From £106

#7 Folding Indoor Swings

A swing feeds a kid’s imagination and helps in building confidence. An indoor one will do for babies within the 6 - 36 months bracket. The seat design should be geared towards comfort and safety- a padded seat with a backrest and a safety locking frame will do.

To maintain cleanliness, the seat should be made from a strong washable fabric. A folding frame will go a long way in easing storage and moving to the outdoors if need be. Another feature to insist on is height adjustment- to accommodate your baby’s increasing height. This can be incorporated in the swing rope’s design or the steel coated support bars.    

Price: From £38.00

#8 Mini Basketball Hoops  

If yours is an athletic household? Why not instil the same spirit to your kids by gifting them a mini basketball hoop. These hoops have grown on many people and are now found in workplaces as well. Simply put, this will be one activity to bring together the whole family while teaching your kids teamwork as well.

The set should be easy to assemble and dismantle, but sturdy enough not to break or bend. Since dunking is a common thing, the base should be heavy enough to support the frame. For this, some models come with wide sand or water-filled base. The stand also needs to be adjustable to accommodate the growing height of your children.    

Price: From £9.00

#9 Multifunction Wooden Activity Cubes

wooden activity building blocks

Children beyond the age of 2 are usually active and adventurous. They need a really engaging toy or activity for them to stay grounded. It's with this in mind that activity blocks have gained much popularity in 2019. These are specially designed cubes with functions such as the abacus, rotating balls, matching puzzles and clock faces- all in one toy.

These are early education tools perfect for preschoolers. They are beautifully coloured to attract and keep kids interested. The toys help in improving hand-eye coordination, recognition of shapes and colours, and logical thinking. The set comes with small pieces- calling for adult supervision to ensure safety during play.

Price: From £32.00

#10 Water Doodle Mats

Kids love to doodle and any available surface is a canvas. Walls, floor, tables, and even tv screens are fair game when the artistic nature kicks in. Doodle mats are a perfect way of redirecting this energy. The toy is an innovative doodling mat which uses coloured water pens.

The water doodles fade within minutes, making the mat reusable. The mat also comes in different sizes including 100X70cm, which is big enough for up to 3 kids. To inspire creativity, the set comes with different stencils; such include shapes, letters, and animals cutouts. The pens, mat, and other accessories are made from non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of you and your kids.

Price: From £18.00

The Final Word

The above hotlist of indoor playthings contains everything that young kids need to get creative, occupied and learn in the process. While toys are appealing and fun to play with, it falls on you to ensure that they are well assembled and safe to use. Be on the lookout for sharp edges, loose parts as well as sweet smelling parts that might be construed as candy.


New Parents - Have You Bought These Essential Items?

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Save Money With These Tips For New Parents

Having a baby changes your world automatically and switches to a new path. While you are all excited about the newborn baby, your worry now would be what you need as a new parent, the things that you should have with you so that you can properly take care of your infant. Compared to the past years, parenting has become more advanced, and there are a lot of things that the baby needs for him or her to feel and sleep comfortably. This article highlights some of the essential things that new parents must have to ensure that their baby is in good health and comfortable all the time.

Baby Clothes Essentials

essential baby clothes

The most interesting thing about babies is that they normally only need the basics; you do not have to buy everything for your baby for her to be comfortable, the basics are enough for her to feel comfortable, and you may baby gifts from family and friends. You can begin by purchasing the 5 to 10 long sleeved onesies, five pairs of cotton pants, and remember, they must be soft. You can also get her some tops; these should be short sleeved, baby socks, pyjamas as well as bibs. You can later expand your baby’s wardrobe once you find out the kind of clothes they are most comfortable in. You should avoid buying everything in newborn size; you should get a few of them from 0 to 3 months and a few for 3-6 months.

Nappies & Wipes 

If basic cloth nappies are your choice, then you are lucky because they can be easily found in your local baby store. One of the good things about this type of nappy is that it can be easily washed and reused. If you are after more modern nappies, there are plenty of them as well; they exist in different colours, shapes, and sizes. Such nappies can be found in online shops like Amazon. If you are thinking of using the disposable nappies, you should take caution before buying in bulk, this is because babies tend to outgrow nappies quickly, in addition to that, your baby might end up reacting negatively to the nappies, so buying in bulk and not being able to return them might mean you lose money.

Feeding Equipment

essential baby feed items

Feeding equipment is a must for every mother, whether you are breastfeeding her or feeding her formula. This is essential because it will allow the mother to let other people help her with feeding the baby. Whether breastfed or formula fed you will need to have a set of reusable baby feeding bottles, a bottle cleaner, bottle sanitiser, and teats. All mothers will need to have with them the following; bibs, burp cloths, cleaning cloths as well as linens whenever necessary. As your little one is growing, she will be trying new foods; you should, therefore, ensure that you also have a highchair. This will make feeding time more comfortable for you and the baby.


As a new parent, considering getting life insurance is one of the best things you can ever do for a new family. This is because having life insurance will always ensure that there will be financial resources available for your baby should something happen to or both of the parents. Also insurance cover for the more expensive baby items such as a car seat and pushchair or stroller would be sensible too. 
Choosing the correct life insurance policy can help in making sure the future of your family is taken care of in the event of a life-changing event. There are plenty of life insurances policies available; you should, therefore, take financial advice on the best policy for your family. 

Basic Nursery Linens

Babies are better sleeping on their cribs, bassinet or a pack n play than sharing a bed with their parent(s). Therefore, as a parent, you should always ensure that you provide your baby with some sets of basic sheets, receiving blanket, swaddling cover as well as waterproof sheets. Ensure that you get your baby a crib that meets all the safety standards.

Cleaning & Basic Baby Hygiene

For your baby to smell fresh all the time, he or she will need regular bathing, which is why you should her a tiny bathtub, petroleum jelly, baby wash, baby thermometer, cotton balls, baby washcloths, infant Q tips, baby towels, baby nail cutter and more. These items will help in keeping your baby clean; however, while purchasing soaps and shampoos, you should ensure that they are designed specifically for babies.

Essential Baby Transportation Gear

baby stroller

If you are a parent who is planning to travel a lot with her baby, you should ensure that you have a baby stroller, sun shield and a car seat. However, things such as car seats might be expensive which is why some parents might opt for second hand. Therefore it is essential that you get a car seat that is still in good condition and meets current safety regulations.

Baby Comforters & Playthings

As your little one grows, she will need some comforters and soft stimulating playthings. Make sure that any toys you buy are both suitable for your baby's age and meet the current safety standards.  Cutting corners and buy cheap toys probably isn't a good idea.  A few select toys and comforters are probably a better idea, like these Jellycat comforters.


baby needs love

For a baby to be comfortable and healthy, she will need all the above, although, those alone are not enough if she doesn't get the love she needs. Regular cuddles with your baby are essential for both bonding and wellbeing.
Becoming a parent can be expensive. Taking care of a baby costs more than some people might think, and that is why many parents might be looking for ways to save some money. This can be done by buying only the essentials and where appropriate, buying second-hand items or acquiring hand me downs from family and friends. We hope you found these tips both practical and useful.

7 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For New Parents - That Really Help Them Out

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Presents New Parents Will Love

Baby’s first Christmas is an exciting time for new parents! Depending on the age of the baby, it’s the first time they’ll see a lot of things. New relatives, new smells, lots of twinkling lights to keep baby busy. And everyone wants that perfect first Christmas to be memorable, if only for the parents.


In the shuffle of the season, first-time parents are often forgotten, but it’s the first Christmas for them too. If you’ve got fresh parents on your list, finding them the perfect gift to help with the baby or give them a chance to relax and spend some time together is deeply appreciated. Check this list for the perfect gift ideas for new Moms and Dads, who deserve something special!

babys first christmas

1. Baby Care Vouchers

Do you know what every parent needs? Time off! For a cute DIY option, you can create custom coupon boxes for whatever baby-care tasks Mum and Dad are struggling with most. Try to include a few. Some ideas might include “1 free nappy change.” Or “1 hour out of the house.” You can even offer a “date night” voucher for the happy and exhausted couple to get some time together. It’s a much-appreciated gift that costs almost nothing. It’s a great gift that keeps on giving, (and will give you plenty of baby fun times in return!)


2. Couples Experiences

Another great option for new parents is a couple’s experience. New Mums and Dads don’t spend enough time alone together, offering something romantic, exciting, and decidedly grown-ups only will always be appreciated. You can choose whatever you think suits your favourite couple. But one of my favourites is the Cooking Companion cooking masterclass for couples with Truly Experiences. It’s an interactive cooking class to help the weary (and sometimes starving) parents reconnect over delicious food and a lot of fun! It also gives them a chance at a home cooked meal, something that might have fallen by the wayside after the baby was born!


3. Baby Lavender Sleep Spray

There are plenty of products on the market to help baby sleep, but here’s one that really works! It’s made from all natural essential oils of lavender and chamomile, and it comes in a handy spray form. You can spray it on baby’s pillows and blankets, to help soothe her for a full night’s sleep. Keeping mum’s and dad’s well rested and happy!

father and baby reading a book


4. Personalised Ornament and Baby Keepsake Box

This is a great gift for a lot of firsts. Buying a keepsake box for baby’s first Christmas gives parents a great place to keep personalised keepsakes, first Christmas cards… anything Mum and Dad want to keep to remember the baby’s most special occasions!


It sounds a bit cheesy, but when you look back on your first Christmas as a family, you’ll be glad you have something to commemorate it. You can have it engraved with the dates, and members of your family, or you can go a more traditional route, and use a family photograph. It’s a beautiful gift that parents will love.


5. Pamper Box

Yes, I said pamper, not pampers! Pamper gift baskets are a great opportunity to show a new mum you appreciate her, and the sacrifices she’s making. Fill it with her favourite relaxing goodies, face masks, beauty products and some cosy PJ’s and slippers to keep warm on those sleepless winter nights when baby won’t settle down. Or build a personalised spa day with relaxing bath salts, bubble bath, and maybe even some fancy imported chocolates to make everything extra luxurious


6. Stroller Gloves

Did you know about stroller gloves? This is a great Christmas gift for new parents just starting to brave the cold. These gloves are specially designed to keep your hands warm as you push your little one through the neighbourhood, while still leaving you flexible enough to use your bare hands when you have to take care of something for the little one. We love this as a gift option because every new parent knows the sudden need to get out of the house, especially when you’ve been cooped up with a little one. And the winter months don’t exactly make it easy. So make it a little easier on your favourite new parents with a pair of specialised stroller gloves!


7. A Good Blender

This is a surprising gift for new parents that is easy to find, but very appreciated. Making homemade baby food is a lot more cost effective and healthy than store-bought baby foods. A good blender is a great gift for parents who are going to start putting their baby on solid foods. You can even add a book of baby food recipes. It’s a great gift to help make weaning a lot easier!

Christmas with a new baby is full of firsts, and fun, and a lot of love. But new parents sometimes lose themselves in the shuffle. Make sure you remember them with these seven great gifts to help Mum and Dad keep baby happy and healthy, and keep themselves feeling refreshed and looked after!


Wonderful Unique Baby Gifts For Every Expectant Mother

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When your friends are having babies you get all the cutest parts of expecting a baby, without having to worry about the mess! What I don’t love is shopping for baby showers. I’m always afraid to gift the tenth cute little onesie or the third identical baby book. If you’re in the same situation, take a look at these 100% unique baby shower gifts. They’re full of stuff expectant parents can actually use, while still being super special and personal!

baby shower gifts

Baby Registry Gift with a Twist

If you are unsure whether the mama-to-be will be happy with your out-of-the-box baby shower present, there is an easy fix. Just buy an item that is listed in the baby registry, and personalise it with a small detail. This can be by adding a handwritten poem or letter, a drawing. You can also sew a little name patch or embroider a baby’s name on the new blanket or baby outfit. Nowadays, embroidery machines have software that allows you to create any design you wish and execute it flawlessly.


Pippet Penguin Soother

This adorable fluffy soother friend will keep baby company the minute they arrive! Beautiful and soft, you can order it to be embroidered with your baby’s name or initials up to 9 characters. That makes it a great personalised gift for the parents who already have a name picked out! This is the perfect soft and cuddly gift, and with the beautifully embroidered touches, you can make it personal in a way that’ll last for years!


The Most Realistic Baby Book

This is a great one for parents with a sense of humour! With fantastic pages like the “Can we leave the house” game, to track your baby’s growth as they learn to recognize their neighbourhood, and the first time you wished baby was crawling (and the first time you wished the little one would stay still!) Plus hilarious pages on most epic poop and when you first worried your baby wasn’t developing as fast as the neighbour’s baby. This one is a great gift for the mom who wishes she was a Pinterest mommy and just isn’t there yet!


Snot Sucker

Perfect for those nights when you feel like you should call the doctor, but you can’t tell if you’re just being paranoid. Baby’s catch colds and colds can make it harder for baby to breath in the night. When Mom’s scared, nobody’s happy! A snot sucker sounds gross, but it’ll really help clear baby’s airways, and make those first few colds easier on everyone!


Painted Toy Crates

New babies mean new messes, and some are thankfully easier to handle than others! Toy crates are a great gift to help new parents stay organized and keep the nursery gorgeous. You can buy them, or you can find some wooden crates and paint and decorate them yourself!

unique gifts for a baby shower

Personalised Fairy Tales Embossed Hardback Book

There was a tradition in my family to buy books for a baby shower, so by the time, the little one arrived there was a full library of stories to keep them well read till they were reading on their own. With this personalized book of fairytales, your little one can be part of the adventure. It includes 12 gorgeous illustrated versions of Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and others, and each one has your child’s name in it! You can also add a two-line personalized message on the inside cover, to keep inspiring adventures with every read!


If you’re not great at shopping there are plenty of gifts you can offer expecting moms that you can make yourself at home. The nice thing about homemade gifts is you can personalize them yourself, and create something truly unique. Try these gifts, and see what works for you.


Natural Baby Shampoo

New moms are terrified of what can go wrong. Finding baby products that are easy on baby’s skin, and don’t include any harsh chemicals can be a juggling act for a worried mom, so take the guesswork out with this gorgeous homemade natural baby shampoo. You can even include the recipe so that Mom can make it herself… when she can find the time.


Ingredients needed:

½ cups of liquid unscented castile soap.

4 tbsp vegetable glycerin

1-2 tsp of almond oil, or fractionated coconut oil.

1 tsp aloe vera juice

10 drops essential oil. Lavender is great for soothing babies to sleep after a bath!

1-2 tbsp filtered or distilled water.


It makes a 16 oz bottle. Simply add the oils, soap, glycerin and aloe vera. Top the bottle with water, and shake! Simple, and totally safe for baby!


Pampering Sugar Scrub

This one isn’t so much for the baby, but it is going to be a big help for Mom! Being a new mom is exhausting sometimes, and sneaking in your shower while the baby is down for a nap is a trick most moms learn early. To give your quick shower the feel of a relaxing spa, Mom will love this stress-away sugar scrub.


Ingredients needed:

¼ cup coconut oil

½ brown sugar

½ white sugar

½ tsp Young Living Stress Away essential oil blend

2 half-pint mason jar


Mix the coconut oil and stress away oil blend together until they’re blended, and then add the sugars. Mix well, and you’ve got a great relaxing sugar scrub to perk up any mom’s day!


Personalized Wet Bag

It’s not the most glamorous of gifts, but if you love to make homemade gifts, there are patterns for wet bags online that are easy to follow. A wet bag is a handy gift for a new baby. It’s small enough to fit into your diaper bag and can be filled with soiled reusable diapers, or wet clothes in a pinch. All you need is a ¼ yard of fabric, any colour, pattern or type, and a matching yard of PUL waterproof material to go inside! You can personalize it with your choice of fabric, or even embroider some cute touches!

DIY baby shower gifts

Baby showers are a great time to celebrate expectant mothers and gush over adorable baby products! But it can be hard to find something that’s both useful for mom and unique and memorable. Personalized gifts are a great way to show both moms, and the little one, how much you care, and if you’re a crafter, it’s that much easier to create something truly unique! There’s no end to the list of things new Moms need to keep both the baby and themselves happy and comfortable. So embrace your uniqueness, and try some of these gifts instead!


Should You Put Your Christmas Decorations Up In October?

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You Might Be Surprised By What The Festive Scientists Say

When Should You Put Up Your Christmas Tree And Decorations?

According To scientific research, as early as October is the best time! Scientists have found that seeing Christmas decorations causes dopamine to be released.  They go on to say that this 'happy rush' is good for our general wellbeing and another study concludes that people who put up decorations earlier are more friendly and approachable!

Decorate Early for Christmas and Have a Happier Holiday Season

Want to feel happy? Would you like to spend your days remembering good times from years past? Would you like to get a head start on the Christmas holidays? Put up your Christmas decorations now and don’t wait for December to arrive.

personalised christmas baubles

Now, you ask, why in the world should I do that? There are a couple of good reasons. The first is that we tend to have happy memories about Christmas, memories that go back to early childhood. Christmas decorations, especially those decorations that have been used for years,  like Christmas stockings and baubles evoke good memories and the excitement that children have around Christmas. The other good reason is that when we put up the Christmas decorations our neighbours see us as more accessible and friendly. So, if you are new to the neighbourhood and want to make more friends, put up the Christmas decorations.

Reliving Happy Christmas Memories Is Good For You

When you’re having a bad day, week, month or year, it can be difficult to remember the good times. The world seems to be coloured grey and seems to have always been that way. Of course, there were good times in our life but there is a tendency to take our present mood and apply it to our memories. The nice part about childhood memories of Christmas is that they are usually quite strong and tend not to be overpowered by the funk we are currently in.

So, if you want to feel better, establish that link to happy memories. Get out the Christmas decorations. If you have decorations like Christmas baubles that were passed down through the family, take some time to think about whose Christmas tree they were on years ago and how they came to be yours. Share your memories with your spouse and especially with your children. Recalling happy memories will make you feel happier today and recounting those memories will give them more strength.

Personal Christmas decoration


Make your early decorating for Christmas a group effort with family and friends. As you share the fun with others you will create new and enjoyable memories as well. What better way to ensure happiness for the Christmas holidays.

Experts Agree That Christmas Decorations Make Us Happy

Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst, has been quoted to the effect that decorations for Christmas bring back good and strong childhood feelings and that the associations we have with these decorations make us feel happy. The, he says, is a great recipe for feeling better in a world that is too full of anxiety and stress. Think of your Christmas decorations like a strong connection or anchor to special and happy moments in childhood. When you put up those decorations that are so full of memories you re-connect to a happy past and bring that excitement forward into the present day.

Another expert psychotherapist, Amy Morin was quoted to the effect that a good way to feel better in the present day is to indulge in nostalgia for Christmas. This does not only make you feel better by recalling good memories. By linking to your past you also better understand where you came from and who you are your identity. This reconnection with the past, family, friends, and strong memories is a wonderful antidote to the confusion and stress of life today.

This works even when you have lost a loved one. The act of decorating for Christmas, the ornaments themselves, will bring back memories of that special person. When the focus is on Christmas there is often a stronger and better connection to those old memories than one might otherwise experience.

So, rather than putting it off until just before Christmas Day, how about decorating for Christmas in early November or even October? The worst you can do is to get your decorating out of the way before a busy holiday season. The best you can do is experience revitalizing re-connection with happy events of your childhood, wonderful memories of family, and a better outlook on life going into the holidays.

personalised christmas stockings

One more expert offers her thoughts on decorating early for Christmas. Deborah Serani, a psychologist said the connecting to good memories by decorating for Christmas actually creates positive chemical changes in the brain. A so-called “feel-good hormone” called dopamine is produced in happy situations like when we decorate for Christmas, recall happy events in the past and share those memories with others. Also, the bright lights and colours of Christmas decorations are another stimulus to increase dopamine levels. It is similar to what is called “chromotherapy” in which patients are exposed to bright colours and experience higher energy levels and good feelings.

Nostalgia for Christmas for many of us takes us back to a time of innocence, of joy. It reconnects us to a positive view of life.

Connecting with the Neighbours Through Decorations

An interesting and related insight comes from The Journal of Environmental Psychology. Your neighbours see you as more accessible when you put Christmas decorations! It turns out that all of us perceive folks who decorate their homes for Christmas as both cohesive and friendly. So, decorating early for Christmas may help you make good new friends with whom you can share the joy of the season and your happy memories of the holiday. Perhaps if there is a present day “Ebenezer Scrooge” in your neighbourhood you will be able to bring him a little holiday cheer and help him avoid those unpleasant visits from the “ghosts of Christmas past.”

If you remember the Charles Dickens Christmas story, even Scrooge had some fond feelings when taken back to view what were otherwise sad Christmases in his early years.

What If You Do Not Have Any Christmas Decorations?

If you have not had the tradition of decorating for the Christmas season you probably do not have any old ornaments that have been handed down through the family. On the other hand, you are not burdened with some of the old, unattractive, and worn out ornaments that you have been holding on to for way too long.

Christmas Tree Decorations

This means that you get to start a new tradition and decorate with the bunting, ornaments, and tree of your choice. You get to buy a nice looking artificial tree that will not shed needles on your carpet or you can go out and cut your own tree and make that a family adventure and the start of your new tradition. Although we have been writing about how connecting to old memories creates happiness, so does creating new and exciting memories.

Sharing the traditions of Christmas with family and friends is more likely to bring joy to the holiday than spending a lot of money on presents. The same folks who wrote in The Journal of Environmental Psychology studied what made people happy at Christmas. Those who observed the holiday for its religious purpose and those who developed family traditions with decorations and more were the happiest.

And, if you derive joy from reliving the memories of Christmas in your childhood, why not start establishing those same traditions for your own children to enjoy and remember in years to come. And, it turns out that you do not need to wait for a special time to put up the tree and bunting or get out the ornaments. According to the experts, all of that decorating is good for you and the sooner you get going the better you will feel.

Break Out The Christmas Decorations - Sooner Rather Than Later!

Don’t let Christmas get you down with all of that shopping, hustle, and bustle. Get a head start on holiday cheer by breaking out the Christmas decorations, rounding up family and friends, and remembering the joys of Christmas past. You will probably enjoy the holidays a lot more if you start early and have a positive attitude from the very beginning. Let the bright lights cheer you up as those raise those levels of good chemicals in your brain!


Baby Names 2019 [Effortlessly Unique Names For Babies]

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Naming Your Baby in 2019: Where Do You Start?

Best Baby Names For 2018What do you use every single day, but never pay for? 


[Updated for 2019]
What is truly yours but came from somewhere else? What is very personal but shared with everyone?

Your name.

 A Complete Guide To Choosing Baby Names

Having a baby is a wonderful adventure with lots to prepare for and nine arduous months of trying to pick the perfect baby name.

Do you and your better half struggle to decide on something together? Have you fallen in love with a moniker that brings back terrible memories for them?

Is the new baby name going to avoid the possibility of jests in the playground?

Then you have the plethora of style questions for the perfect baby name

  • Do you opt for something traditional?
  • Do you take influence from the celebrity world and go for something completely out-of-the-norm?

George Lucas and Mellody Hobson opted for the something epic when they chose 'Everest' for their baby girl, whereas Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin went in a different direction with the crisp sounding 'Apple.' 

With the popularity of unique names on the rise, now, more than ever do you have complete flexibility in choosing the perfect name for your new baby.

There isn’t much you can’t use for inspiration for your little one’s identity.

Whether your influence comes from your favourite band (Zeppelin, Floyd, Pepper), singer (Marley, Otis, Iswell, Lennon), song (Maxwell, Piper, Jude), or celebrity (Hilton, Willow, Maddox); the possibilities are endless.

You could even opt for a name based on its meaning.

Unique does not have to be something far-fetched or outrageously eyebrow raising and ridiculous. Choosing a non-traditional name for your child just means picking something individual for whatever your reasons are. 

There are lots of strikingly stunning names that haven’t made their way to the mass market. That is what makes them so special. The process is not as scary as it sounds.

While there are countless names to choose from, as we can derive from our opening riddle, a name is something incredibly unique and personal to you and your child.

Naming Your Baby - A helping hand

Whatever you choose will be perfect and personal. Nevertheless, wanted to give you a helping hand to make your job of choosing the perfect baby boy or baby girl name that little bit easier.

We compiled a list of beautiful, unique names that we know you would love, along with their definitions. 


Addler To hold the qualities of an eagle: The confident solo high-flying majestic bird which never surrenders to the size of its prey.
Adonis In Greek mythology, Adonis is an impressive young man loved by Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love, and procreation.
Albie A brilliant and bright being who holds my heart.
Aman Is to have a peaceful and trusting nature. Someone who lives life fearlessly. 
Amelyn A character who is profoundly independent and intellectual.
Apollo With strong science and Greek mythology roots, Apollo is an excellent choice for your son.
Avarna A meek individual with a fun loving nature.
Balea One who is free-spirited, carefree, and happy.
Bernadette To be as ‘brave as a bear.’ 
Bijou Translated as 'jewel', Bijou is a charming name for your little one.
Bodhi A spiritual choice, Bodhi means ‘awakening or enlightenment.’
Braelin A person who is intelligent, bright, and wise
Cadence Derived from a musical expression, Cadence describes a rhythmic flow.
Cahya One who brings light into the darkness.
Cairo An individual who is both strong and victorious.
Caledon A strong and robust person.
Castel One of nobility who resides in a castle.
Cavall The name of King Arthur's companion. 'Cavell' is to be bold.
Celeste A soft feminine name with sweet heavenly suggestions. 
Daana A knowledgeable individual.
Dabney One who fairly imparts justice.
Darcia Representing grace and charm, Darcia is the feminine version of Darcy.
Dior One who has an open heart.
Domino A person who is master of all.
Dulce A popular modern Spanish and Portuguese that translates as ‘sweet’.
Ebele To be merciful and kind.
Eeli One who lifts those around them to a higher level of wellbeing.
Ekam A spiritual leader, one who represents oneness.
Elton The name of God's fighter.
Embry A well-loved individual who is champion at winning people's hearts.
Esmae Is the French name for one who is well respected.
Esther Spanning back from the Old Testament; what was once a highly popular name, Esther - star, by definition - is rarely used.
Fable The name of a story with hidden meaning, usually highlighting the difference between right and wrong.
Falak Is the path of multiple galaxies.
Fargo Given to the name of a person that comes from a fenced pasture.
Farron One who lives to serve.
Firdous The given name for the realm of paradise.
Firenze The Italian name for its fine city, Florence; a Firenze is a beautiful blossoming flower.
Fletcher Known as the maker of arrows.
Gabriella A powerful and elegant girls name which translates into  ‘woman of God’
Galaxy The magnificent structure of the stars.
Gatsby Made popular by Leonardo DiCaprio, Gatsby is to give off an air of extravagance.
Gia Derived from Giovanna or Gianna, Gia is a cute and lesser-known name. All by definition is one who is ‘gracious.’
Gray An intelligent individual.
Gunner More so favoured by military folk, Gunner is a strong name for any young boy.
Helen A charming name whos beauty has made it one of the top names in history. In its simplest terms translates as ‘the bright one.’
Hermie Reaching dizzy new heights, 'Hermie' is the peak of a mountain.
Hikaru A luminous character who brightens any room.
Hyat To truly live.
Indigo This dark blue colour makes for a gorgeous girls name.
Ingrid An elegant blend of beauty and charisma.
Jaedyn A humble individual that embraces gratitude.
Jayla One who is happy with themselves and all those around them.
Jayson A character who is a healer.
Jazz A soothing, relaxing form of music which makes a wonderful unisex name.
Jett This precious dark jewel makes for a fantastic moniker. 
Jina A natural born investigator with strong leadership skills, propelled by a sense of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.
Jinan One who is versatile, who doesn't have trouble adapting and overcoming life's hurdles. Living a life of no limits.
Jinny Known as the white wave, an individual who is dynamic with a strong and persuasive nature that loves to help others.
Juniper One who is both fresh and energetic; who lives to be one with nature.
Kabili He who is brave and honest.
Kadal An individual who is one with the Ocean.
Kahali A mischievous character with a harmless nature.
Kaholo To be nimble and quick-footed.
Kairi An ocean village.
Kayani A Regal name fit for either a boy or a girl. Kayani is to be king or queen-like.
Keagan The descendant of the fiery one; a passionate individual who is a force to be reckoned with.
Keanu Known as the cool and gentle breeze.
Kinta A life lived with laughter.
Lahari The name of the gentle wave, lapping against the shore.
Layla By definition is one ‘born at night.’
Leighton A moniker suitable for either sex meaning 'one from the meadow.'
Leiko An underrated, lovely petite flower
Lennon An individual who is very dear.
Lightning A bright, brilliant bolt.
Lucia Translated, this Latin name means ‘light’.
Madeleine Derives from the French name, translated into ‘from the tower.’
Malaki Strong biblical connections and is known as 'my messenger’.
Massie A name inspired by the Scottish clan name 'Matheson.'
Maya Perfect for travel-loving families. Translates as the ‘Daughter of Atlas’
Mel One who is fearless and daring.
Mentari A powerful being who harnesses the power of the sun, unleashing a powerful light wherever they go.
Merthyr One who would sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
Naida If your child is born in the months that make her a water sign, it is fitting to name her after the aquatic goddess.
Neo One with many talents.
Nihara A flowing body of descending water.
Nikita One who is supreme and strong. A resilient woman who will overcome anything.
Noah The epitome of relaxation and inner zen. One who is always calm.
Noor Is our most powerful star; the sun. 
Nuaim A gentle and forgiving individual
Oakley A trendy cool name suitable for either little girl or boy.
Ogilvy One who shows forgiveness and compassion to wrongdoers.
Ophelia Made famous by Shakespeare's tragedy, Ophelia is one who loves to help others.
Otis This sweet sounding German name is translated into 'wealthy.' 
Pretoria The South African city makes a chic name for a little girl.
Pyralis One made of fire.
Quentin An unusual name made famous by the film director, this subtle numerical name - meaning the number five - is an excellent choice for your son.
Reiley A brave and courageous being.
Ridge Inspired by nature, this name is a great moniker for either sex.
Sacha A fierce defender who lives to help others.
Safari An adventurous character with the heart of an explorer. 
Sage Inspired by the fragrant herb, meaning 'wise and knowing’.
Sanyu A light-hearted Japanese name for one who is eternally happy.
Sofia An elegant name for a wise female.
Solace One who brings comfort and peace to others. 
Solaris Someone who is of the Sun
Taitt A cheerful bein who lives to bring happiness to others.
Tamika A stunning Japanese name translated as a ‘child of the people’
Tatiana A favourite of the Russians, a name which one derived from 'Titus', the ancient Sabine king.
Teaghan The little poet.
Terra In mythology 'Terra' is the goddess of Earth.
Terrell The ruler of thunder.
Terrence An ancient Roman clan.
Teshi One who is full of laughter
Tokori Someone who holds the quality of owls; living a serene and observant life.
Truman One who is faithful and loyal.
Tulay This mystical name means the ‘veil of the moon.’
Wanniya Represents a strong-willed and high-spirited woman.
Winter With the rise of summer related names, its icier cousin is a cool name for a seasonal birth.
Zane Is the English translation of the Hebrew name 'Yahweh.' Translated it is one who is merciful.
Zayda A prosperous huntress who holds fantastic luck.
Zion One who is raised up and uplifts others.
Ziva The Hebrew moniker indicates one who is brilliant. 

Choosing the perfect name for your little baby boy or baby girl does not have to be daunting. Some parents find it impossible to decide until they meet their little bundle of joy for the first time.

Then the baby's name tends to come more naturally. Whether you prefer the traditional route or if you'd rather a moniker with that is that little bit extra special, the journey of having your first child is an incredible journey.

We hope our hand-selected list of baby names helps you to make it a smoother ride in 2019.


The 2018 Guide To Christmas Decorations For Your Home

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Decorating Your Home For Christmas Without Breaking The Bank

The 2018 Guide To Christmas Decorations For Your Home

Updated 18th September 2018

When Christmas arrives, we all do a couple of things.

Firstly, we’ll head to the garage, loft or local garden centre and retrieve (or buy) the tree.

Then, we grab the Christmas decorations. You know - the tired bits of plastic, string and tinsel that really have seen better days.

Surely there’s a better way to do this? Surely, when it comes to one of the most exciting, vibrant times of the year, we can make our homes look a bit better and do so in a unique way?

mum and baby at christmas time

Good news - you can, and you don’t even need to be particularly artistic! Welcome to our handy guide to decorating your entire home for Christmas. Don’t touch that tree just yet!  Not sure how many days before Christmas, here's Christmas countdown timer for you that you can personalise.

Use gifts as decorations

Once you start to receive presents from people, rather than simply bunging them under the tree, use them as decorations.

Gift boxes and smaller wrapped presents look fab when hung from a window ledge or draped up the stairs off the bannister. Plus, you receive a reminder of the exciting stuff that’s to come when the big day arrives!

Christmas presents as decorations

Place a few light-up signs

Even at Christmas, days can be long and arduous, but what better way to remind yourself of the joys this seasons brings than by investing in a few light-up signs.

They’re relatively cheap, usually powered by batteries (and can, therefore, be placed anywhere) and enable you to spell out words, sayings or messages of your choosing. Adding a few lit-up festive words around the house should put a smile on everyone’s face.

Get creative with ‘Merry Christmas’ a banner

We’ve all seen (and probably owned) those decorations that shout “Merry Christmas!” on gaudy, gold-coloured paper. They’re not nice.

Instead, get creative with your ‘Merry Christmas’ signs by creating your own. For example, this traditional phrase looks fab when strewn across a window, made from cute cut-outs and trinkets found at hobby stores.

Go traditional with the stockings

Chances are, you may not have hung a stocking for a long time. And, if that’s in the belief that it’s a bit old-fashioned in this fast-paced digital age, think again!

Traditional stockings hung from the fireplace are one of the most endearing signs that Christmas is on the way. So, don’t be shy - get some personalised Christmas stockings, add name tags to them, and put them on show for everyone to see.

personalised christmas stocking


Decorate with old Christmas memories

Take a look back through your photo albums and pick out a few favourites from Christmases past.

These photos will make fantastic decorations. You can hang them from the same fireplace as your stockings, drape them over the bannister, or wedge them carefully into the branches of the tree. There’s nothing quite like spotting those old memories when Christmas comes around again.

christmas photo baubles

Go small with the tree

Who says you need a massive tree to fill the living room? Let’s be honest - it can be a bit of a drag to put up, decorate - and then take down when the festivities have ended.

Instead, buy a few smaller, miniature Christmas trees and place them strategically around the house. They’re not particularly expensive, and most come pre-dressed (some even have built-in lights, powered by batteries).

Create an ornament tree

Don’t fancy big or little trees? No problem! No one says you need a traditional tree at all!

Ornament trees are a great alternative. All you need is a clear wall, a bunch of Christmas baubles, a few other decorations and the ability to ‘paint’ a tree out of them on the wall. Sure - you might damage the paintwork, but the new year is made for redecorating!

my first christmas bauble

Add joy - with a wreath

The word ‘joy’ is used a lot at Christmas, but rather than opting for your bog-standard ‘joy’ ornaments, why not create your own?

Grab an old bit of wood, clean it, paint it white and use red paint to add the letters ‘J’ and ‘Y’ to it. In the space where the ‘O’ should go, add a wreath. Hey, presto! Your own Joy sign!

Ask the kids to create a display

If you have children, there’s a great way to keep them busy on weekends and help you with the house Christmas decoration.

Ask them to create their own little display of Santa’s journey. You can buy Santa figurines pretty cheaply online, and let their imagination run wild with what to use for the rest of the display (old cereal boxes, paint - you get the idea).

Display your Christmas cards

Most people simply find a spare surface in the living or dining room and place all their Christmas cards there. But that’s not very creative or interesting, really, is it?

You can do an awful lot with the Christmas cards you receive by turning them into beautiful decorations for your home. Hang them from curtain rails or create a collage on a chalkboard that’s dressed with lights. Don’t just place them on the table!

Bring nature indoors

Whether you go fake or natural with this one is entirely up to you, but twigs, berries, leaves and other outdoor elements can all be brought into your home to really up the Christmas ante.

You can create attractive table centrepieces, or wrap them with tinsel and drape them up the bannister. Bringing the outdoors indoors is a great way to add to the festive spirit in your home.

Display your favourite tunes

Another great one for the family, this. We all have our favourite Christmas tunes, so why not ask everyone to use light-up signs or painted pieces of wood to display their favourite lyrics?

Place them around the house (above the fireplace, on the dinner table, by the front door - anywhere), and you’ll create a brilliant Christmas spirit that’ll have you inadvertently humming festive tunes all day.

Don’t be afraid to add mistletoe

A bit corny? Embarrassing, even? Nah!

Kissing under the mistletoe might sound like something that belongs in a Christmas song, but you can have a bit of fun with your home by hanging it somewhere your eagle-eyed guest will notice.

Add candle-lit centrepieces to tables

You may already have candles throughout your home, but at Christmas, you can go candle mad.

Add centrepieces to each of your tables by gathering a bunch of differently-sized and shaped candles. Keep them lit (safely, of course - and only when you’re there!), and it’ll be like you’ve instantly hit the ‘Christmas switch’.

Add bells - everywhere

While the presence of jangling things on door handles can get a bit weary throughout the year, this trend is actually perfectly suited to Christmas.

Add little Christmassy bells to door handles and on the ends of tablecloths. Apart from the festive jangling, the presence of these little decorations will immediately add some much-needed Christmas spirit to your home.

Nuts, nuts, nuts!

Even if you’re not particularly fond of nuts, you can’t argue against the fact they are incredibly festive.

Add big jars or bowls of nuts to your dining and coffee tables. In fact - put them anywhere; you can’t go overboard with this Christmas decoration.

Go for an indoor wreath

Most people hang wreaths from their doors, and while this might be one of the most traditional ways to decorate your house for Christmas, it’s a bit… well, obvious.

Try putting your wreath indoors, instead. It might look a bit odd at first, but you’ll soon learn to love it. Hanging it from a curtain rail or attaching it to a window are two great examples of how you can bring this outdoor decoration inside.

christmas joy decorations

Dangle treats

We all love a treat at Christmas, and while this decorating tip might be hard to resist (literally), it’s a fab way to add festive cheer to your home.

Grab a few candy canes and other festive snacks, attach a string to them and hang them around the home. Just make sure they’re high enough to prevent any four-legged family members from taking a bite!

Go wild with glitter

If there’s one time of the year where you can make an attractive mess of your house, it’s at Christmas.

To really add to the festive spirit, purchase some glitter and sprinkle it around the home. Clearly, you’ll want to avoid too much of a cleaning nightmare, so try and keep it too obvious surfaces, but by doing so, you’ll add that all-important sparkle to your home.

Switch up the coffee table

If your coffee table is currently occupied by old magazines, phone chargers and remote controls, Christmas represents the perfect opportunity to give it a spring clean and add some festive spirit to your living room.

Create a simple display with a bunch of candles, candy canes and faux festive foliage. And, while you’re at it, why not drape a few battery-powered lights around the edge?

Repurpose those old wine bottles

Recycling isn’t very festive (that can wait until the new year), so instead of chucking out your used wine bottles, use them to create some unique Christmas centrepieces.

Wrap the bottles with bows and insert thin candles into them for a brilliant Christmas decoration you probably won’t see anywhere else.

Challenge the family to the festive message game

If you’ve got a chalkboard in the house, place it somewhere where it’s always on display (in the kitchen, for example), and challenge the family to occasionally add their own festive messages to it.

Sure, some of the more cheeky members of the family might use this to their own advantage, but it’s all part of the festive fun!

Add ornaments to the bannister

We’ve mentioned the bannister a fair amount in this blog post, but for good reason; it’s still one of the most convenient places to decorate at Christmas.

There’s so much you can do with it, too! For example, why not grab all of your festive ornaments, wrap them in tinsel and drape them around the bannister?

2017 christmas snow Family

Decorate the plants

Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the only piece of greenery in your home that benefits from some festive decoration.

Why not add baubles, tinsel and lights to your other household plants? They needn’t miss out on the festivities, and it’s a great way to spread Christmas cheer throughout the home.

Countdown the days

Advent calendars are the classic way to begin the countdown to the big day, but if you buy some blocks with numbers of them, you can create a little table centrepiece that acts as a constant reminder of the fun that’s to come.

Remake the bed

Festive quilts aren’t particularly expensive and are a lovely way to make your bedroom feel all Christmassy.

Remake your bed for the festive period and you’ll be reminded of this wonderful time of the year at both the end and start of the day.

Keep the table festively-set

Most dining tables are only set when you’re expecting visitors for dinner, but at Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the festive plates, knives and forks constantly on display.

Christmas dinner table

Add a few crackers, festive napkins and party poppers, and you’ll start the Christmas celebrations way before the big day itself (even if you’ve got to wait for that awesome dinner!).

Create your own advent calendar

Rather than resorting to one of the shop-bought, boxed advent calendars, you can create your own and use it as a unique Christmas decoration.

Buy a few craft bags, add numbers to them and pop in a chocolate treat. The whole family can then take their turns to countdown the days in the best way possible.

Dress up the sofa

Strip your cushions of their normal covers and encase them in festive, Christmas-inspired covers instead. You spend an awful lot of time sitting on that sofa, so why not make it feel as festive as possible?

Enjoy decorating your home at this time of year! It doesn’t matter how messy you get, or how unusual some of the decors might look at first - this is pretty much the only time you can go a little bit bonkers with your interior design.

Remember Santa’s Plate

You can use Santa’s plate to decorate a table too! Once Christmas Eve arrives the children can then Santa’s favourite treats.

 santas mince pie plate

This infographic summarises our Christmas decorations tips.

Top 10 Christmas Decorations 1



Top 10 Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

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10 Christmas Decoration Ideas To Fill Your Home With Christmas Cheer



Preparing for your baby’s first Christmas

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Making memories

This most wonderful time of the year is even more wonderful now you're a parent.

Enjoy this once in a lifetime moment with our tips to creating new family traditions and capturing the special moments of your baby's first Christmas.

1. Treat your new baby to a gorgeous stocking personalised with their name or with the words 1st Christmas to enjoy this special first festive year. SHOP NOW



2. Invest in a unique keepsake such as a personalised bauble on the Christmas tree for this first family Christmas and every year to come. SHOP NOW


3. Start a new family tradition, like a personal Christmas Eve box filled with exciting little treats and surprises to entertain this Christmas Eve, which will be treasured for many Christmas Eves to come. SHOP NOW

4. Capture all the wonderful moments of your first Christmas on camera and keep in a special keepsake 1st Christmas album. SHOP NOW

5. Be dapper whilst joining in the rest of the festivities round the Christmas meal table with a personalised Baby's 1st Christmas Cracker & Bib Set. SHOP NOW


6. And finally, enjoy some downtime reading together with a soft 1st Christmas tale which features your own little one's name. SHOP NOW


and their favourite personalised festive toy Rudy Reindeer to take to bed at the end of an exhausting first Christmas Day! SHOP NOW



Preparing for the first day of school

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Top tips as the big day approaches

Thursday marks a key date in the life of the third-in-line to the British throne: Prince George will start school.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will no doubt be feeling exactly the same way as hundreds of thousands of other parents across Britain: a sense of excitement coupled with a tinge of nerves and maybe even sadness at the end of an era. An era when the parent was the absolute centre of their child’s world. The first day of school is undoubtedly a key rite of passage.

This is the start of a new adventure: playing and interacting with new friends, sharing, taking turns and settling into a new routine and here are a few tips to hopefully make the big ‘first day’ go as smoothly as possible.

  • Make trips past the school – discuss with your child how they will go into school (with a friend or with you or maybe by themselves?)
  • Mention the teachers by name
  • Have playdates in the holidays with another new starter and potentially making an arrangement to come in together on the first day of term
  • Try on the uniform and make it exciting!
  • Read stories relating to starting school
  • Encourage independence in dressing/undressing, hanging up clothes, putting on/taking off shoes as well as in using the bathroom, and washing/drying hands. We recommend fun personalised kit bags and lunchboxes to make them even easier to identify on the school pegs.

And remember,  if you’re anxious your child will pick up on this and be anxious too!





Telegraph Education


UK's most popular month for births

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Christmas conceptions

The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) published an analysis of live births from 1995 to 2014 which concluded that, in England and Wales, 26 September was “the most popular day to be born over the last two decades”.

September, more generally, is the period in the year with a seasonal peak in the number of births. It is not difficult to establish the cause: a seasonal peak of conceptions around Christmas time!

But are annual variations in the frequency of conceptions the only factor that determines the number of babies born on a particular day in the year? Live births also varied by day of the week, and that it is influenced by both movable and non-moving public holidays ( “Days off”). 

These 36 years of data cover almost 29 million births. The daily average for the entire period was 1816 births. The day with the lowest number of recorded births was Boxing Day, 26 December 1979, when 1123 babies were born. The single most popular birthday was 27 September 2012, which saw 2383 births.

It is reasonable to assume that low numbers on and around non-moving public holidays – such as those over the Christmas and New Year period – are largely caused by the patterns that health services management impose on dates of birth: for instance, planned caesarean sections are generally not scheduled on weekends or public holidays, when fewer staff are available than on ordinary weekdays.
We see, then, that people’s birthdays depend not only on the time at which they are conceived and the length of gestation, but also on the timing of interventions by maternity services.

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Baby's Personalities by their Star Sign

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Is your baby's character true to their birth sign?

Capricorn (22 December–20 January)

Capricorn children are incredibly thoughtful and a lot goes in, even though you may not get much of a reaction. So don’t worry if your baby just stares at you when you smile – there's no doubt it’s all being absorbed. They're babies who are interested in different tastes and textures, and this should make them easier to wean.

Aquarius (21 January–19 February)

The Aquarius baby realises early on that a big smile will distract their parents and allow them to get their own way. They're clever and chuckle and gurgle alot, knowing full well ‘I’ve got you where I want you!’ The aquarius baby loves movement and colour so a cot mobile is a must. Teach new things in short, sharp bursts.

Pisces (20 February–20 March)
Pisces babies are gentle souls. They don’t like a lot of loud noise and need plenty of security and loads of hugs. If you are expecting another baby, take extra time to help your Piscean toddler adjust. A new sibling could make them feel insecure so you’ll need to help them understand they'll always be just as loved.

Aries (21 March–20 April)
Aries babies are feisty, excitable and need lots of stimulation and love. With inquisitive minds, they can get quickly frustrated. Give them several things to keep their attention. And often they need to feel free, so dress in simple outfits.

Taurus (21 April–21 May)
Taurean babies love things that are nice to hold, so different textures on toys and comforters will keep them happy. Give your warm and loving Taurean child lots of cuddles as they respond to tactile comfort. They can be placid until rushed. Simple clear commands tend to work best!

Gemini (22 May–21 June)
Gemini babies are the most inquisitive and curious of all the star signs and are always on the hunt for something new. They need a lot of mental stimulation, never-ending supply of books and music or movement to help satisfy their artistic nature. 

Cancer (22 June–23 July)
The most family-focused of the star signs, a Cancerian baby will enjoy being swaddled to feel secure. They're caring and make brilliant older siblings. They also love to help, being given little jobs at home to help. Any big changes to their routine though, such as weaning, can make this baby feel insecure, so take it slowly with lots of reassurance and encouragement.

Leo (24 July–23 August)
Leo babies respond well to rewards. A gold star will make your little Leo very happy! They need to feel important, and in charge, so rather than telling your youngster what to do it helps to make them feel it’s their idea. The Leo baby needs lots of hugs. And – you probably already know this – they can be incredibly stubborn!

Virgo 24 August–23 September
Virgo babies love routine. And while this is great as a baby, it helps to encourage them to be a little more flexible as they get older otherwise it could lead to problems if things don't always go to plan! Of all the star signs, Virgoans are the easiest to potty train, as they're finicky and don't ike a dirty nappy. This orderly trait means they're also likely to be tidy too. They love pretending so role-play games and dressing up are always popular with young Virgoans.

Libra 24 September–23 October
Air signs can find it hard to sleep so it's a good idea to tire out your Libran baby, physically and mentally, during the daytime. They're very visual and love pretty colours and sparkly things. The Libran child is also very sociable and happy to mingle in busy groups. Normally fairly placid in nature, it's also quite usual for them to quickly change between being upset and happy.

Scorpio 24 October–22 November
This little one is a cautious baby, so always be encouraging. They're deep thinkers and have two means of expressing themselves: crying and temper tantrums, or withdrawn and quiet. She needs security and will be distrustful of strangers. She’ll also need you to help her to learn how to share.

Sagittarius 23 November–21 December
Sagittarians love lots of movement and being outdoors from a very young age. They are incredibly visual and adore bright colours and watching what’s going on. As long as you’ve worn your little one out physically and mentally, they'lll be a good sleeper. Of all the star signs, Sagittarians are among the most sociable and love other people. 


The benefits of reading to your newborn

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There's nothing more exciting than reading a story to a young child

Research shows it's never too early to start enjoying books together with your little one. Can you imagine their joy if the story then contains their own name? Baby books make for great personalised baby gifts.

Bond with your baby: Reading a book to your newborn is a one-on-one activity and special time alone with your baby.

Help prepare for reading alone: Babies begin to pick up the rhythm of your voice and research shows that the more words a baby is exposed to, the better prepared they’ll be for reading alone in the future and can also help increase vocabulary and language skills.

See your baby start to respond: After a while you will notice your little one responding to the rhythmic movement of your voice, responding to what they see around them.

It introduces emotions: Your baby is exposed to feelings through the different sounds you use when reading, whether it's sounding different for a specific character in the book or describing what's happening in the story.

Visual engagement: From 0 to 3 months, your child starts to focus on simple patterns on the pages. Reading picture books introduces a variety of shapes, letters and colours that the baby will start to recognise as the develop.

Reading is fun: If you make reading part of a fun family routine your child will realise from an early age that it’s something to be enjoyed and not a boring chore that’s needed to be done for school.

Make the story about them: Personalise the book with your baby's name and their face will light up every time they hear it!

Choose from our range of rhymes, favourite children's characters and situation stories here.



Keeping Your Baby Cool in a Heatwave

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Hot Summer Days & Nights

We Brits always love to have a moan about the weather - it's either too cold or too warm, and then when we have a heatwave, well, then we REALLY know how to whinge!

But for parents of babies or young children, a heatwave can be more than just uncomfortable - it can become a major worry trying to keep your little one cool, and even more importantly, safe in the heat.

Although sleeping in hot weather is bad enough for adults, for babies it's more than just uncomfortable, it's a serious potential health risk and can even be life-threatening.

Watch out for your baby overheating by being aware of their temperature, excess sweating, a reddened face or rapid breaths; all of which could be a sign they are too hot. Experts recommend that a baby's room temperature should be 16-20°C to be safe.

Here are some tips to help keep your baby cool:

Stay away from direct sunlight

If your baby is napping in the day, be careful to keep them out of direct sunlight and even when inside keep your baby away from the window and in the shade.

Splash down

Give your baby a cool or luke-warm bath just before bedtime.

Cold compress

Create a cold compress and apply it to the main pressure points like the backs of knees, inner elbows, and neck. Wring out a flannel in cold water and apply it to little one's forehead too.

Keep hydrated

This applies to mum too if breast feeding, as your baby should get enough fluids through feeding. If you’re bottle-feeding, ensure plenty of additional cooled boiled water is consumed, even at night.

Cool air in the room

In addition to a fan, freeze a bottle of water and stand it in a bowl in front of the fan straight from the freezer. This will help to cool the air the fan is moving around in the – start this ahead of your baby’s bedtime.

Be chilled out

Keep as much to your normal calm bedtime routine – an upset baby will only be even hotter. If possible avoid controlled crying until the weather cools down.

Light layers & cotton sheets

In hot weather a thin vest over their nappy should be enough clothing and breathable covering ready as the temperature will drop during the night. Cotton sheets rather than nylon are also cooler.


Gift Ideas for Baby Showers or Push Parties

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What's the difference?

Carter push partyBaby Shower parties in the UK have recently become the ‘norm’ for expectant mums to celebrate the imminent birth of their baby with friends and family. These events are almost always an all-female celebration with baby-themed games, party food and gifts. They often take place before any baby gender reveal, making it tricky to choose special pink or blue baby presents.

You may be familiar with the recent lavish celebration held by Beyonce and have noticed that her event was slightly different – firstly that it was called a Push Party not a Baby Shower. This occasion not only had a lavish ‘African party theme’, many star guests, but most noticeably it also included her husband Jay-Z.

What are the differences?

The most obvious difference between push parties and baby showers is the inclusion of all genders in celebrating the new life. But the differences actually go beyond that; instead of focusing solely on the baby, push parties are also a celebration of the parents, particularly the mum-to -be.

Baby showers are usually held early in the third trimester of a pregnancy, when the mum is hopefully safely past the point of miscarriage but also not so far along that she could suddenly go into labour. Push parties are typically held closer to the due date since, as the name suggests, they are all about honouring the labour itself.

Finding the perfect gift for the occasion

If you're invited to either a Baby Shower or a Push Party, we have the perfect gifts for both the mum-to-be and baby, and it won't matter if 'bump' turns out to be a little boy or girl.

Check out our range of gender neutral luxury baby shower gifts for babies and luxury treats for mum-to-be here.

Image source: Beyonce Instagram (Carter Push Party 2017)


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