1st Birthday

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We’ve all been there - you spend ages searching for the perfect present to congratulate a child on hitting the tender age of 1, only to find that three other people have bought the exact same 1st birthday present to the birthday party. Thankfully, we have the answer, and it lies in personalised baby birthday gifts. Gifts suitable for baby boys and baby girls and perfect first birthday presents from sisters, brother, parents, grandparents or friends, 90% of our stock can be personalised by the Bundles of Joy in-house team, thus creating unique first birthday keepsakes gifts that will last forever.


If truth be told, few of us hold onto every birthday present we receive. Our first few birthdays are rather different, though, and there’s a good chance your parents still have those given to you when you were a toddler. We want them to live long in the memory and hold a special place in the heart of the parents and child (once they’ve grown old enough to understand what this is all about!). At Bundles of Joy, we only stock memorable birthday presents for babies - nothing more, nothing less.

Browse our range of beautiful first birthday presents below:

The joy of giving birthday presents

There are few joys greater than giving, and first birthdays mark an incredibly special, seminal time in a child’s life. For anyone close to the family, it represents the perfect time to buy that first gift that will no doubt be followed by much more as the years roll on. We have a variety of baby birthday gifts like personalised wooden gift sets, teddy bears, personalised frames and engraved gifts and cards.

If your parents kept your first gifts and you treasure them to this day, you’ll know exactly how important it is to find the right uniquely personal 1st birthday present at this special time.

Why Bundles of Joy?

We have assembled a talented in-house team that uses a variety of methods to personalise 90% of our first birthday gifts. We all know how important that first birthday present is, which is why we have spent years undergoing self-tuition and building up experience that enables us to make every gift unique and long-lasting.

Personalised birthday gift ideas

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.If you’ve been tasked with getting a unique, personalised first birthday gift, you’ve come to the right place.

Every birthday is special, but a baby's birthday is extra fun and exciting and we offer a stylish, unusual range of gifts for both boys and girls to celebrate this special occasion.

Stuck for inspiration? How about a personalised money box, soft toy, rocker, classic wooden toy, towel set (the parents will appreciate that one), dressing gown or ride-on toy? There’s something for everyone in the Bundles of Joy store.

How we create personalised 1st birthday presents

Finding a unique or unusual baby's birthday present isn’t easy, and the last thing any of us want is to turn up to the party with a birthday gift that has already been opened earlier that day. At Bundles of Joy, we can help avoid that unfortunate mishap with our personalisation service. We specialise in personalised baby boy gifts for their birthday and beautiful personalised baby girl gifts too.
We believe in self-tuition, which is the learning method our in-house team of designers has undertaken, enabling them to personalise 90% of the first birthday gifts we have in stock.

All you have to do is pick a for a baby boy or baby girl and tell us how you’d like it personalising. We have hi-tech machines that can add names to just about anything (money boxes, door plaques, swimming bags, backpacks, you name it) and, occasionally, call on the services of our fancy Robo Craft Machine that can create name transfers in a variety of colours and fonts which will look amazing on your baby's birthday present.


Need your personalised baby's birthday gift fast? No problem. Because we perform all personalisation of the birthday gifts in-house, we can turn around orders super-quick to ensure they arrive in time for baby's birthday. We offer a free gift present wrapping service and, if you spend over £50, we’ll deliver your personalised birthday gift completely free of charge in the UK.