Personalised Baby Gifts

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Why Give Personalised Baby Gifts?

The tradition of giving new parents gifts to welcome new babies into the family goes back decades and is the ideal way for anyone, whether they be close family or long-distance friends to send their love and wish the new arrival the very best for the future.
A custom newborn baby gift is something that will be treasured for a long time and, as the child grows, become a unique memory of the time they were welcomed into the world by those closest to them.

The Benefits of Personalised Baby Gifts For Newborns

At Bundles of Joy, we stock a range of unique and unusual personalised baby gifts, but we think there’s nothing more special than adding the personal touch to a present which is intended to welcome a new baby boy or girl into the big, wide world.

This is why we offer a huge array of personalised baby gifts UK well-wishers can choose from that include blankets, towels, clothing, baby hampers, toy boxes, money boxes, and baby shower gifts. Avoid the embarrassment of inadvertently sending the same baby gift as someone else by personalising a baby present that will become a treasured keepsake.
Browse our range of beautiful newborn personalised baby presents above.

Why Shop With Bundles Of Joy For Your Personalised Gifts?

At Bundles of Joy, we personalise your baby gifts in-house using a variety of methods (see below). Our self-taught team can add personalisation to 90% of our gifts and because we know how special that first present is, we take great care with every item we’re tasked with making it unique.

How We Create Personalised Baby Gifts

One of the greatest challenges when choosing a gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby is finding something unusual that hasn’t appeared amongst the presents of countless other newborns. Just as with other forms of present giving, the last thing anyone wants is to inadvertently give a present that is identical to something already gifted by another well-wisher. This is why the in-house team at Bundles of Joy can personalise 90% of the gifts we stock. That means you can pick from virtually our entire selection and create your own customised, unique baby gift that no one else will have thought of and have it delivered either to yourself or directly to the recipient if you cannot see them in person, beautifully gift wrapped. We have hi-tech embroidery machines that can add any baby name (however unusual) on comforters, blankets and clothing in a variety of beautiful, soft colours, ideal for personalised baby gifts.

Types Of Personalised Newborn Baby Gifts

The Bundles of Joy team can add a personal touch with handwriting, computer-generated vinyl transfers, hand painting and embroidery to almost the entire product catalogue. Our shop has a selection of custom handwritten products such as photo frames and money boxes are colour-matched accordingly with permanent pens. This is where the benefit of countless hours of practice makes its presence felt because great skill is required to centre such personalisation (even if, on first glance, it may look easy!). If you’re looking for a more traditional new baby present, our wooden toy chests and chairs are skilfully hand-painted by our in-house artists using child-friendly acrylic paints.

The Vinyl Craft Machine For Personalising Baby Gifts

As much as we love the intimacy of hand-crafting our personalized baby gifts, the team sometimes needs a little help from something more mechanic, and that’s when we call on the Vinyl Craft Machine. If you choose one of our:

  • Personalised door plaques
  • Personalised wooden trugs
  • Personalised baby clocks
  • Personalised baby treasure boxes

The child’s name is cut out of a high-quality transfer, (with the same durability as the vinyl used on cars) available in a variety of colours, by the Vinyl Machine, enabling the Bundles of Joy team to hand finish the personalisation later on. We know what’s important with newborn gifting.

Our shop's extensive selection of online baby gifts and personalised baby presents provide our customers with the two things that matter most when choosing a present for a newborn baby: unbeatable price and lasting quality. No one wants to provide a run of the mill baby gift that has been seen countless times before when welcoming a new baby into the world, which is why our focus on personalised baby gifts results in presents that are stylish and unique and that will remain as cherished keepsakes for many years to come.

Beautiful, unique baby gifts for girls and boys

Choose from our range of personalised gifts for babies, all created to make the perfect newborn baby gift for both boys and girls.

  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Clothing
  • Baby hampers
  • Toy boxes
  • Money boxes

Looking for personalised baby gift ideas? Our shop also has a wide range of gift luxury, beautiful gifts for baby boys and girls that include precious presents made from silver or pewter.


At Bundles of Joy Shopping, we offer free gift wrapping, a speedy turnaround for personalised gifts and a super-fast delivery service from the UK to anywhere in the world.
Your beautiful personalised baby gift will, therefore, be received quickly, and a baby gift that will be treasured forever.