When your friends are having babies you get all the cutest parts of expecting a baby, without having to worry about the mess! What I don’t love is shopping for baby showers. I’m always afraid to gift the tenth cute little onesie or the third identical baby book. If you’re in the same situation, take a look at these 100% unique baby shower gifts. They’re full of stuff expectant parents can actually use, while still being super special and personal!


If you are unsure whether the mama-to-be will be happy with your out-of-the-box baby shower present, there is an easy fix. Just buy an item that is listed in the baby registry, and personalise it with a small detail. This can be by adding a handwritten poem or letter, a drawing. You can also sew a little name patch or embroider a baby’s name on the new blanket or baby outfit. Nowadays, embroidery machines have software that allows you to create any design you wish and execute it flawlessly.


This adorable fluffy soother friend will keep baby company the minute they arrive! Beautiful and soft, you can order it to be embroidered with your baby’s name or initials up to 9 characters. That makes it a great personalised gift for the parents who already have a name picked out! This is the perfect soft and cuddly gift, and with the beautifully embroidered touches, you can make it personal in a way that’ll last for years!


This is a great one for parents with a sense of humour! With fantastic pages like the “Can we leave the house” game, to track your baby’s growth as they learn to recognize their neighbourhood, and the first time you wished baby was crawling (and the first time you wished the little one would stay still!) Plus hilarious pages on most epic poop and when you first worried your baby wasn’t developing as fast as the neighbour’s baby. This one is a great gift for the mom who wishes she was a Pinterest mommy and just isn’t there yet!


Perfect for those nights when you feel like you should call the doctor, but you can’t tell if you’re just being paranoid. Baby’s catch colds and colds can make it harder for baby to breath in the night. When Mom’s scared, nobody’s happy! A snot sucker sounds gross, but it’ll really help clear baby’s airways, and make those first few colds easier on everyone!


New babies mean new messes, and some are thankfully easier to handle than others! Toy crates are a great gift to help new parents stay organized and keep the nursery gorgeous. You can buy them, or you can find some wooden crates and paint and decorate them yourself!


There was a tradition in my family to buy books for a baby shower, so by the time, the little one arrived there was a full library of stories to keep them well read till they were reading on their own. With this personalized book of fairytales, your little one can be part of the adventure. It includes 12 gorgeous illustrated versions of Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and others, and each one has your child’s name in it! You can also add a two-line personalized message on the inside cover, to keep inspiring adventures with every read!

If you’re not great at shopping there are plenty of gifts you can offer expecting moms that you can make yourself at home. The nice thing about homemade gifts is you can personalize them yourself, and create something truly unique. Try these gifts, and see what works for you.


New moms are terrified of what can go wrong. Finding baby products that are easy on baby’s skin, and don’t include any harsh chemicals can be a juggling act for a worried mom, so take the guesswork out with this gorgeous homemade natural baby shampoo. You can even include the recipe so that Mom can make it herself… when she can find the time.

Ingredients needed:

½ cups of liquid unscented castile soap.

4 tbsp vegetable glycerin

1-2 tsp of almond oil, or fractionated coconut oil.

1 tsp aloe vera juice

10 drops essential oil. Lavender is great for soothing babies to sleep after a bath!

1-2 tbsp filtered or distilled water.

It makes a 16 oz bottle. Simply add the oils, soap, glycerin and aloe vera. Top the bottle with water, and shake! Simple, and totally safe for baby!


This one isn’t so much for the baby, but it is going to be a big help for Mom! Being a new mom is exhausting sometimes, and sneaking in your shower while the baby is down for a nap is a trick most moms learn early. To give your quick shower the feel of a relaxing spa, Mom will love this stress-away sugar scrub.

Ingredients needed:

¼ cup coconut oil

½ brown sugar

½ white sugar

½ tsp Young Living Stress Away essential oil blend

2 half-pint mason jar

Mix the coconut oil and stress away oil blend together until they’re blended, and then add the sugars. Mix well, and you’ve got a great relaxing sugar scrub to perk up any mom’s day!


It’s not the most glamorous of gifts, but if you love to make homemade gifts, there are patterns for wet bags online that are easy to follow. A wet bag is a handy gift for a new baby. It’s small enough to fit into your diaper bag and can be filled with soiled reusable diapers, or wet clothes in a pinch. All you need is a ¼ yard of fabric, any colour, pattern or type, and a matching yard of PUL waterproof material to go inside! You can personalize it with your choice of fabric, or even embroider some cute touches!

Baby showers are a great time to celebrate expectant mothers and gush over adorable baby products! But it can be hard to find something that’s both useful for mom and unique and memorable. Personalized gifts are a great way to show both moms, and the little one, how much you care, and if you’re a crafter, it’s that much easier to create something truly unique! There’s no end to the list of things new Moms need to keep both the baby and themselves happy and comfortable. So embrace your uniqueness, and try some of these gifts instead!

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