7 Gift Ideas for a Bouncing Baby Boy

It’s always such a fantastic feeling to receive news like an upcoming wedding or a new baby. It’s an even better feeling to receive presents! 

What Do You Buy a Newborn Baby Boy? Sometimes, though, even the best gift-givers get stumped trying to think of what to get a couple of expecting parents. If you’re not careful, the future mom and dad might end up thinking “Why did they think I or the baby would ever need this?” 

And nobody wants that, especially when it’s for a baby!

There are three things we keep in mind when looking for baby gifts. 

First, it has to be something useful for the baby or at least the little one’s parents. Second, if you can, you should get something practical that they can use when they grow into tots. Third? Well, it’s got to be cute!

So what do you buy a newborn baby boy? 

We give you a list of ideas for gifts you can get for the bouncing baby boy! From luxury gift sets of newborn essentials to a lovely rocker for their toddler years, you’re sure to find something that the baby’s parents will thank you for. 


1 Gift Basket of Baby Essentials 

Gift Basket of Baby Essentials

Feel like spoiling the new member of the family? Here’s the present for every indulgent grandparent, godparent, best friend or co-worker! 

This luxury gift basket of baby essentials will get you everything the baby needs for sleep, bath time, and even playtime. 

The little one will get a personalised fleece blanket to keep him warm, plus a cute elephant comforter to cuddle him to sleep! For bath time, you get a rubber ducky for him to play around within the tub and a hooded bath towel with his name stitched on it. 

To top it all off, this gift basket also includes a matching babygrow and bib set for eating and a cute ring rattle for playtime! You’ll even get to sign it off with your own handwritten message.  

2 Muslin Swaddling Blanket 

Muslin Swaddling Blanket If there’s anything a baby will love no matter what, it’s being snuggled all day long. 

And with this cute personalised muslin, you’ll get to keep your bouncing baby boy swaddled up for as long as he wants! 

After feeding and changing his nappy, you can keep him snug and wrapped up when he goes down for his afternoon nap. 

Added bonus? You can also use it for a lot of other things! From changing his nappy to feeding and burping the little one, this super-soft, super snuggly muslin will keep the baby boy company for a long time. 

3 Blanket & Cushion Set 

Blanket & Cushion Set

Now, the new parents will likely already have a crib and a pram before the baby boy even arrives. But it wouldn’t hurt to help them with an extra blanket and cushion set to keep their baby warm through the night! 

This blanket & cushion set comes in many designs you can choose from, and different fonts to crochet the little boy’s name in. 

4 Keepsake Memory Box

Keepsake Memory BoxBecause every little day counts when you have a baby to take care of! 

From the first tooth, the first curl, to the first baby clothes they grow out of, this keepsake box will keep all your baby’s first memories safe. 

You can choose from a wide range of designs, from plain and classic to nursery rhymes and cute animals! The baby boy’s name will be displayed right on the lid, too. 

When he grows up and goes through this box himself, he’ll know that he’s always been so loved since before he could even talk.  


5 Personalised Photo Frame 

Personalised Photo Frame

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it definitely is! Babies grow up so fast that you don’t even notice until he’s off for his first day of school. 

One minute you’re changing his nappy and the next, he’s asking to bring his sweetheart over for dinner. So how do you make sure you don’t miss them growing up? 

Get the new parents this personalised photo frame

It’s a classic way to make a memory last forever. And when you’re new parents, it always helps to see old pictures of your precious darling years after his birth. 

You can even get them a bunch of frames so the new mom and dad can have something to commemorate each milestone in their little boy’s life! 

6 Plush Stuffed Animal

Plush Stuffed AnimalGet the bouncing baby boy their own snuggle buddy with these cute, plush stuffed animals!

Made with only organic and hypoallergenic material, you’ll be sure the baby can sleep soundly through the night. No fear of allergies or nasty rashes! 

Choose from the classic teddy bear, bunnies, and more in our collection!

7 Baby Rocker

Baby Rocker

Want to get the little one something they can enjoy until they’re crawling and walking around? Look no further! 

This animal baby rocker won’t just be a great plaything for the baby boy. He’ll be able to develop their motor skills early on too! 

Made with only the softest cotton fabric, a padded seat, and a safety harness, your baby boy will be more than secure in the rocker. Plus, they can hold on to the wooden handles by the side of the animal’s fuzzy ears. They’ll be able to rock themselves back and forth all they want! 

Choose from these adorable fox, elephant or bunny designs to give to your darling boy. 

Check out our heart-melting collection of gifts for baby boys and take your pick for the little one!

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